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Write Comedy

Write Comedy.

I like to write that on my "to-do" list as if it's something that's as easy as taking out the garbage or clipping my toenails. It allows me to look at it, think that I should do that and then move on to something less stressful or mind-numbing like scrolling through Facebook.

What does that even mean? "Write Comedy"?  What type of comedy? Do I want to write comedic musicals? Do I want to write spoof lyrics to songs? Sketch? Stand-up? Monologues, dialogues, stage shows? Comedic blogs? There are so many options out there to choose from!!! 

Let's look at some of my favorite comedians and try and figure this out. 

1. Weird Al Yankovic - I found out about him in elementary school and I think it is the first time that I realized that comedy songs and comedic music was a thing. I remember buying his box set at the time and it was one of my favorite possessions. However, I never really took the opportunity to learn about the music he was making fun of, I just knew he was funny. 

2. Gene Wilder - I very distinctly remember seeing him in Willy Wonka and being blown away. The fantasy mixed with his distinct style of comedy blew my mind. 

3. Mel Brooks - I remember seeing Space Balls and Blazing Saddles back in junior high and it changed my life again. Plus see above about Gene Wilder. 

4. Afternoon cartoons. Bugs Bunny, Wyle E. Coyote, tiny toons, the muppets, FRAGGLE ROCK. All these shows shaped my sense of humor. 

5. Disney movies. As kids, my cousins and I would make our own versions of the Disney movies and film them with a camcorder. They were distinctly spoofy but in the end, followed the story pretty closely. 

6. My Dad - I remember watching my dad make jokes with his co workers and in groups at parties and such and since he is a salesman, this worked to his advantage. 

7. My Grandpa - he really knew how to tell a joke and did the crazy voices that I find myself doing all the time. 

So it seems that most of my comedic influence comes from absurd, spoofy comedy and family members. I can always come up with an absurd series of events for something to happen if I'm in a group but don't feel comfortable when I try and put it on paper. This has helped. And now I see some of the next steps I must take. Thanks for reading this. Until next time.