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Dogs that do Improv?!

Tonight was a Protostar night. It was a fun show but a very small audience. I guess with Game of Thrones coming back, Sunday nights at the theater just don't have the same appeal they once did. I really enjoy watching some of these students as they improve their improv and they have some really interesting ideas. For example, tonight the troupe Grayson performed. Grayson is interesting because the name comes from the dog which stays on stage the entire set, which is voiced by the actors off stage. I think there is a lot of potential for some fun stuff to happen. Especially if the dog is trained to respond to certain commands or actions from the improvisers. Like if someone swept a scene and the dog went chasing after them or if there was a walk on and the dog was somehow affected by it. This particular dog just stood their and stared at things off stage. The voices were unique from the actors but it's hard to create a scene if your scene partner just stares into space. The other troupe was I'm Fine With Anything, which was not. This is still a very new troupe and they have not played together before. There were some pretty good gems in the show such as strong call backs to a watch selling troll and some relationships between the characters. The thing I want most for them is to listen. Which, I still need to work on, but there are a lot of gems missed just because they didn't hear or wouldn't hear what the other person was saying. I think my new favorite descriptor of what I mean is "Aggressive Listening". It's when you're so focused on the other people on stage that you don't have the space in your mind to ask yourself, "is this funny?" while you accept and add to what the other person is doing. It's being so truthful that you can't turn away from your partner (unless that's what the scene calls for). It's something I am working on and not always the easiest to do. Anyway, I'm going on a tangent. I just wanted to write this post to get something out there and to "write what you know". Until next time.