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Station Auditions - Aug. 2017

Tonight, we had auditions for Station Theater. It has been a while since I have auditioned for a house troupe, especially since when I made it on Blue Shift season 1, I was unable to make it to the actual auditions. Regardless, tonight was Spectacular. They said it was the biggest auditions we have had so far and I believe it. I also believe it was one of the strongest and most talented groups of actors I have seen at Station. There are so many people that have grown tremendously in the last couple of months and years. I feel bad for the directors because they have to cut out a lot of REALLY good people. The actors were versatile, supportive, quick, and smart. Everyone brought something strong to the stage. It was amazing.

As for the auditions themselves; it was probably one of the most challenging setups I've been a part of since I started at Station years ago. Every troupe has very different requirements and each audition was unique. First off, we had to tell a story as a group about an event in the past. The real challenge with this (and I'm not sure if this is going to be the form or not) was that we all had to add information while standing in a semi-circle on stage. This is fine in itself or when mining for material but the show wouldn't be great. The main problem, aside from actors just standing there, is that in the stories, the position of an actor in the semi-circle strongly influences how everyone views them. Those in the center tend to have a few more words and are more central to the story, whereas those on the side, especially the ends, have to work much harder to get a word in or contribute to the story. I think the improvisers handled it really well and the stories were entertaining, but each group seemed to follow the same pattern. 

Next up was the blackout auditions. We were required to do 3-line scenes and sweep quickly. This is the kind of practice I live for. I love being forced to jump on and do the most with the least, the quickest. It brings the actors out of their internal monologue and forces them to accept whatever the hell is happening, whether it's good or bad. It also keeps the actors on the side engaged with each other and moving just as quick to sweep as the scenes are to finish. Each group had some brilliant moments and characters that could be revisited over and over again. This is definitely a great warm-up and team building exercise, especially so for a troupe like My 2 Cents. 

Now, I don't remember where the Yes, And troupe auditions were during this part, but I think it was here. I don't remember because I couldn't audition. Station is doing an all female cast this time around and I think it's going to be awesome. The ladies auditioning tonight were full of ideas and raw power. The number of talented women in Station is astonishing. I can't wait to see what they do, especially with Monica as their coach. She will sharpen them to a fierce comedy weapon. 

The last auditions were the Blue Shift auditions. Each person interested was given a script and asked to read it. There were a few bumps here and there but overall, the actors were great (of course they were!). Most people were paired up with another actor but somehow I got a monologue. Now, this monologue seemed to be a character that was trying stand-up for the first or third time and hasn't really gotten it. I tried to bring that on stage as best I could but being a character like that causes me to have doubts in my mind about how well I did. People said it was good and they were supportive and I appreciate it, but damn, it's hard to get out of that type of headspace because I have been in a similar situation many times before. What actor hasn't? Anyway, I think it all went well. I want to wish everyone the best of luck and can't wait to see what happens. Until next time.