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47 Things To Write About

I always have a really hard time deciding on what I want to write about. So here's a list of things I could write about:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. The value of short sleeves
  3. Turkish baths
  4. Pomegranates
  5. Proper pronunciation
  6. 17 different uses of the word "Fuck"
  7. Apes going apeshit
  8. Battle Station
  9. J. Hilburn style guides
  10. How annoying tangled headphones are.
  11. Leading causes of laziness in kids aged 13 to 24
  12. Farts
  13. My birthdays, ranked
  14. The joy of owning a dog.
  15. The sorrow of owning a dog.
  16. The stupidity of owning a cat. 
  17. Cecil the cat.
  18. What the hell is Sarahah?!
  19. Yellow legal pads vs. White legal pads.
  20. Best coffee bars in town
  21. My struggle to consistently practice piano.
  22. Blue Shift
  23. Fast food restaurants, ranked.
  24. Most favorite movies.
  25. Least favorite movies.
  26. Quadcopters
  27. Conan O'Brien
  28. Jeffrey the Giraffe from Toys R' Us
  29. The collapse of Blockbuster
  30. My trip to Vegas
  31. How to write a wedding ceremony
  32. Why to write a wedding ceremony
  33. How to pack for the beach
  34. My favorite camping equipment
  35. How to make spaghetti.
  36. What it's like to train and ride the MS 150
  37. How I produce a show.
  38. Improv techniques.
  39. The value of friendship.
  40. Did I say "farts"?
  41. World of Warcraft and it's effects on my life.
  42. Kite festivals
  43. No wind at the Kite Festival
  44. German festivals
  45. Renaissance Festivals
  46. Training a dog
  47. The anxiety of ending this post here.