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Something really cool

There's a lot going on these days. I am about to sign a contract with a talent agency for one. That's pretty cool. And the other weekend, I got to hang out with Kevin McDonald of The Kids In the Hall, which I thought was pretty awesome. I ended up picking him up from the airport and we had a good 30 minutes to chat about KITH and other things he's done recently. We talked a little about Chris Hardwick and @Midnight. I got a glimpse as to how the sausage is made but that doesn't change the fact that it was a well written show. We discussed some of the best advice he's ever received, which was from Dom DeLuise while they were working on a show together. Dom said to him, while they were working on a terrible script or a really strange joke, that the funniest way to make the script was to just treat it like Shakespeare and give it the power that it deserved. Yeah, it might be fart jokes, but the contrasting of a serious player and an absurd situation is what gives us the chuckles. It makes you realize that not everyone needs to be the CRAZY guy in a sketch or comedic production. In fact, without the straight man, there can be no contrasting lunatic. It makes me appreciate all the times I get to play the crazy person as well as ALL the people that choose to be the "normal" guy in a scene or on stage. You can't have one without the other.