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Founding member of Meniscus Unit, My 2 Cents, and Rock, Paper, Improv! long-form improv troupes.

Professional player at ComedySportz - Houston.

Company member of Black Market Lullaby, Now Playing, and Project Yes, And: Sensitive Precision.

Producer and Host of Improv(e) MS: A Fun-draiser Show.

Weekly Host and Producer of Battle Station: Competitive Improv

Live Improv Performance

ComedySportz - Houston

Express Children's Theater - "Let's Make a Play" at Miller Outdoor Theater


Crepes of Laugh

My 2 Cents

Hammer & Doyle: Private Dicks

Meniscus Unit

Rock, Paper, Improv!

Black Market Lullaby

Now Playing: Improvised Movies

Sensitive Precision: A Harold Troupe

Cagematch: The Gym

Central Library Short Form

House Troupe: Supernova

Structure Presents: Dinner for Six

Structure Presents: Alpha Cowboy

Ghost Dinosaur

Live Scripted Performance:

Blue Shift: Accelerando

The Collected Works of Conor Farrell

Sleeping Beauty at Company OnStage

Blue Shift: Station Sketch Comedy

Magical Lying Hour

The Way We Were Marketed: Festival of Comedy

Festival Performances:

Trill 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (Houston, TX)

Big Sexy Weekend of Improv, 2015 (Dallas, TX)

Festival of Comedy 2012 (Houston, TX)

Directing, Producing

Rock, Paper, Improv: A short form group

Cards Against Pictionary

Spacecat Labs Presents: Short Form (Directing)

Improv(e) MS: A Fundraiser Show 2015, 2016, 2017

Battle Station 2017, 2018

Protostar: Student Showcase 2017



Academy Running Series

Priorities. dir. Felton Young

Excuses, Reform, Dir. Rob Andrew

Melting I.C.E, Dir. Jose Martinez

Half-Acre Asylum, Dir. Bryan Cruz

Technical Experience

Station theater Tech Corps - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

University of North Texas


Meisner Technique with Kim Tobin

Performer in Training Program - ComedySportz 2018

The New Movement School of Improv Weekend Warrior Intensive - 2016

Station Theater Improv Conservatory - 2015

Station Theater Sketch Writing - 2016 - 2017

Ryan Heine Be. I.P.A. Workshop - 2016

Chris Gethard Trill workshop 2015

ComedySportz School of Improv 

University of North Texas Theater Arts


Raised $1100+ through Improv(e) MS 2015-2016

Special Skills

Basic juggling skills, casual voice imitation including Gollum, Zoidberg, Mickey Mouse and Fred Schneider. Causal dancing skills including C&W, hip-hop. Familiar with light board, spotlight operations and soundboard functions.  Some rigging and construction processes. Simple sewing and stitching abilities. Marketing and advertising experience.