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Variety Shows!

The 3rd Annual Improv(e) MS Shows was produced and hosted by Brian Kondrach.

Thank you to Baby Knuckle, 2H Club, Matt & Katy Sing Your Life, Conor Farrell, Jason McElweenie, Ben Griesinger, Jeffery Anderson, Paul Shinneman, and David Toscano. 

Special Thanks to Cassie Randall

And the Rec Room.

Filmed by Cassie Randall and Tech by Kevin Hirth.

Improv Shows

Director/producer: Carrie Grant Host: Brian Kondrach Actors: Dustin Blanton, Steven Saltsman, Nick Brownrigg, Scott Litte Camera: Cassie Randall, Carrie Grant,

Station Theater troupe Black Market Lullaby, 7-20-2017 Suggestion: "Bubbles"

Cast: Jesse Garson, Aaron Garrett, Lynn Johnson, Brian Jones, Brian Kondrach, Liz Larson, Chuck Vaughn

My 2 Cents performing at Station Theater on 6-25-2017

Cast: Jeffrey Anderson, Jessica Thompson Falla, Brian J. Kondrach, Jake Reiner, Rachel Spector, Cole Triplett, Antoine W.B. 

Station Theater troupe "Meniscus Unit" 7-22-2016

Cast: Laura Helmers, Brian Jones, Brian Kondrach, Rachel Spector

Scripted Material

Company OnStage is excited to present the latest installment in our new Local Authors Series: "The Conor Side of the Universe" A Collection of Conor Farrell's Favorite Short Plays Produced by Special Arrangement with Conor Farrell Directed by Amy Pope Featuring the awesome talents of Randi Krasny, Brian Kondrach, Dano Colón, Nicholas Garelick, Carrie Grant, Chris Janousek, Karla Brandau, and Madison Kay Cockrell. Conor Farrell knows how to tell a story in his own unique and often irreverent way.

Sketches written/performed the same day by students in Kevin McDonald's Sketch Workshop, 3-10-2018
Performed by Caryn Fulda, Brian Kondrach, and Sarah Keller. Written by Krishna Surasi & Jesse Garson Title Card by Paul Gallegos Blue Shift is Station Theater's Sketch House Troupe. Each month Blue Shift puts on a new sketch show with material written and performed by the students and actors of Station Theater in Houston.
Blue Shift smashes into this month head-on with a night of fast and funny black-outs, as well as somber and contemplative sketches which seem much longer by comparison. Blue Shift is the resident sketch comedy troupe of Houston's Station Theater. They produce a brand new show each month with community members.
Blue Shift, Station Theater's house sketch writing troupe Filmed at Station Theater Houston, TX May 20, 2017 1. Group Session by Chuck Stanfield featuring Sarah Keller, David Toscano, Ben Griesinger, Paul Shinneman, and Brian Kondrach 2. Friendzoned Part 1 by Cassie Randall featuring Anjela Mayans Lee 3.