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Dark Matter ft. The Prowl w/ Project Yes, And & My 2 Cents

My 2 Cents takes the stage once more for a show with layers!

Dark Matter. Late-Night Improv Comedy. Unhindered Imagination.

The Prowl

No one escapes The Prowl... Watch out for this troupe of 4 that performs a speed Harold right before your very eyes. Cast: Keith Huang, Jon Myles, Rachel Spector, Cole Triplett, Roger Anderson

Project Yes, And...

Station's newest house troupe performs the traditional Harold, a long-form improvisational structure that was developed by iO Chicago’s Del Close. Cast: Christen Sparago, David Toscano, Erica Escalante, John Doan, John Mayo, Kyle Clinton, Lisa H. Beckman, Matt Graham, Shannon Banner

My 2 Cents

Whether it's characters, emotions, or relationships, we have a lot to say. My 2 Cents presents an Onion or a montage or whatever we feel like. Because we've got a lot to say and My 2 Cents is worth a lot more. Cast: Brian Kondrach, Cole, Triplett, Brittany Kraft, Jessica Thompson Falla, Jake Reiner, Rachel Spector, Jeffrey Anderson, Antroine W.B.

Show time: 10:00pm | Doors open at 9:50pm
Pay What You Wish | All shows BYOB

Station Theater | 1230 Houston Avenue, Houston, TX 77007